Immigration Solutions


Migrating to Canada remains a popular solution for many investors who wish to establish companies, invest in properties or secure their children' education.  Canadian Investor and/or Entrepreneur Immigration Programs allowed many investors and their family members to enter Canada.

Mrs Dulude is duly recognised to represent a client all over Canada from the initial submission to the reception of their permanent residence visa.  She has successfully guided many investors to Canada via various programs, the most popular being the QIIP. 

United States of America

The dream to pursue a life and/or a career in the United States of America drives many investors to choose this path as their immigration solution.  A well selected EB5 project enables them to live their dream.

Mrs Dulude has helped many investors to successfully obtain their green card and happily settle in the United States of America.

Others jurisdictions

Many jurisdictions around the world offer permanent residency or citizenship solutions for investors and entrepreuneurs. 

Source of funds analysis


Source of funds

In order to invest in a foreign country, the investor is frequently required to demonstrate that his funds were obtained lawfully.

Path of funds

In addition to proving the source of funds, an investor may also have to demonstrate the path of funds.

Questions and documents

After having gathered some information and documents, our team of professionals will analyse the source of an investor's funds and determine wether he would be eligible for diverse types of investments.